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San Diego Coffee Co was founded in 2004 specifically to cater to the premium coffee drinking market in San Diego County.   We discovered through research that there were not any organizations that provided personalized coffee delivery service in the San Diego Market Area. We also understood the importance to continually strive to provide excellent after-sales service.  We believe that high quality service is a requisite to a long-term mutually beneficial business relationship.  As the founder I came up with the idea to start a coffee company while attending SDSU night school while earning my MBA and working full time an electrical engineer.  And one thing engineers do is drink a lot of coffee but I cannot say the coffee I drank appealed to me or my peers for that matter.   So the idea fell in my lap actually as the coffee concept continually surfaced in my entrepreneurial studies classes as my professor who was also a co-founder of Price Club (Now known as Costco) continually focused on creativity, business integrity, case analysis and of course the value of the dollar and the concept of excellent service.  Between his class and my accounting professor who believed you didn’t have any other classes or homework besides her class and nothing was more important than accounting, they guided me to form a viable business servicing the premium coffee drinking market.   We all know accounting is important but let’s state the obvious … It is truly about the beans whether you’re counting them or not and the quality of the coffee here!  Combining my engineering and business degrees, my academic background enabled me to develop a sound business plan to target the premium coffee services market in San Diego.  Ten years later we are working to improve our offering and service level by continually offering new and improved machinery and services as well as overcoming challenges that find their way to you daily.   We really do welcome and appreciate customer feedback as I and those that work for my organization believe it’s necessary to support a mutually beneficial long-term business relationship and most importantly a premium tasting cup of coffee.

Perfect your custom coffee bar experience with our coffee, tea, innovative brewing equipment and most importantly personalized service from San Diego Coffee Co. Please contact San Diego Coffee Company at (858) 405-5749 and email me at bill@sandiegocoffeeco.com.