San Diego Coffee Co is an Authorized Starbucks™ Premier Coffee Provider as an OCS Distributor and Business Partner.

Seattle’s Best™ Coffee Services

Office Coffee Service in San Diego

We believe everyone deserves a delicious cup of premium coffee. San Diego Coffee Co offers a broad range of Seattle’s Best® brewing systems and products including but not limited to Seattle’s Best™ Interactive Cup Whole Bean Brewer, a variety of whole bean coffee options, Seattle’s Best® coffee packets, and paper products including cups, napkins and sleeves.  Equally important to a quality cup of Starbucks™ coffee is the personalized service to meet what one expects when one thinks of the Starbucks™ brand and coffee drinking experience. We call our personalized service effort “After-Sales Service”. Ask our service representative for more details.

Office Coffee Service in San Diego

Seattle’s Best® Recognized Brands

Select the method of brewing that best fits your requirements considering all your constraints from costs to space you may be working with to support our office coffee services.  We will work with you to determine what solution is the best fit whether you prefer a whole bean iDigi single cup brewer or an airpot brewing system.

Savor your morning seven days a week. The Seattle’s Best™ roasty, nutty coffees pair perfectly with your favorite flavored creamer.

Flavor Profile

Mild and Low Acidity
Bright and Medium
Balanced and Smooth
Complex and Elegant
Bold and Dark, Intense
Flavored Coffees

Seattle’s Best® Coffee Blends

Breakfast Blend
House Blend
Medium Balanced No3
Medium-Dark Rich No4
Dark Intense No5
Toasted Hazelnut – Flavored Coffee
Very Vanilla – Flavored Coffee
(Ask About our Seattle’s Best™ K-Cup Offering)

Service Arrangements

Brewer Selection

Select your coffee brewer of choice and we will work to accommodate your needs and your ordering process.


We bring everything you need: sweetener, liquid creamers, and specialty products. All the brands you are used to consuming and hopefully some new options too.


Stirrers, Cups, Lids and Sleeves … We bring the supplies to your organization with a wide selection of green products and systems.


Your route service representative cleans your coffee brewer and systems on every visit to keep the breakroom up and running properly. Our technicians perform addition maintenance for you throughout the year.


Run out of something? Your assigned route service representative can deliver your necessities quickly and on the spot. We will get them to you for sure.


Offer an exceptional coffee experience to your workplace with touch-screen design with the Starbucks™ “Green” Mini MicroMarket System.

Perfect your custom coffee bar experience with our coffee, tea, innovative brewing equipment and most importantly personalized service from San Diego Coffee Co.  Please contact San Diego Coffee Company at (858) 405-5749 and email me at