Office Beverage and Snack Delivery Services in San Diego

Offer a unique mix of healthy beverage and snack options at your place of business.

Pantry and Subsidy Beverage and Snack Services

Office Beverage and Snack Delivery Services in San Diego

San Diego Coffee Company offers and stocks a wide variety of healthy beverage and snacks items. This includes traditional carbonated and non-carbonated beverages as well as non-high fructose based products including those offered by Stewards™ and Jones Soda™. Energy drinks and organic teas, popular 100% juices and sparkling water options are also available. Starbucks™ cold coffee drinks including Frappuccino’s™, Double Shot and Starbucks™ iced coffee complement our gourmet coffee services.   We recognize the importance of keeping employees content while in the office environment. If we can provide the selections that satisfy the needs of your organization this tends to improve productivity and workplace morale.  For more information on our pantry and subsidy services including healthy options please contact us.


Your subsidy programs are managed and enabled through a cellular Internet portal device connected to your machinery that tracks dispensed beverages and snacks by the item with a date stamp. We work with you to form a custom selection template approved by your organization that are maintained when we restock them. Our subsidy programs allow an organization to pay for a portion of the dispensed item or the entire item if desired.


Your customized beverage and snack selection templates are maintained using an on-line inventory manage system monitored by San Diego Coffee Co. The online system reports usage and inventory levels to ensure we meet your service needs.


All beverage consumption is monitored using the wireless portal allowing the end user to verify all beverage sales and vends including individual item beverage items if desired including date and time stamps. It provides a great way for your organization to seamlessly monitor consumption without overhead required of reviewing statements.

Micromarket: Coffee and Beverage and Snack Solutions

Coffee and beverage and snack systems are configured to offer the healthy choices needed to keep your staff focused and productive. Innovative equipment brings the latest in technology and reliability. Healthy beverage and snack options are provided and customized to meet your program needs for healthy well-being in mind and we will include employee favorites, whatever they may be upon request.  And a full selection of popular brand-name coffees, healthy snacks, beverages including juices, organic teas and coffees and fresh foods can be provided to your organization for consumption throughout the work day.

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Customize your beverage and snack selections from brand named product options

Micromarket Service Details


We will strive to maintain the selections desired in stock and will work to bring in items that we may not traditionally offer.


We can set up your organize with cards to reward those individuals for good work and recognition.


Our route service representative keeps your coffee and subsidized machinery well stocked and in excellent working order.


Our Wireless Communication systems track all usage and consumption for invoice reconciliation and also for determining the popular items consumed versus those that are not.

Perfect your custom coffee bar experience with our coffee, tea, innovative brewing equipment and most importantly personalized service from San Diego Coffee Co.  Please contact San Diego Coffee Company at (858) 405-5749 and email me at