From the farm to your cup let us provide a premium coffee to meet your unique taste profile

Coffee Services

Office Coffee Service in San Diego

Our low maintenance coffee systems are perfect for both the small office environment or a large organization with hundreds of staff members including service oriented organizations like automotive sales and service locations that recognize the importance and relevance of offering a premium cup of Arabica Coffee to their employees and patrons alike.

  • Automotive Sales and Service Markets
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Employee Breakrooms
  • Customer Service Lounges
  • Pharma and Biomedical Research Industries
  • Academia
  • Professional Services Industries
  • R&D and Manufacturing
  • Executive Office Sites
  • High Rise Buildings among many others throughout San Diego and Orange Counties

Office Coffee Service in San Diego


We provide high quality coffee equipment systems from name brand coffee organizations including the Starbucks and Seattle’s Best™ iCup machinery as well as cappuccino and condiment machinery and dedicated espresso machinery.


We can manage everything you need to meet your coffee drinking experience including those for both patrons and employees.  San Diego Coffee Co will set up your coffee delivery service interval to meet your organizational needs whether weekly or bi-weekly without interruption or follow up. Customer contact and feedback is always welcomed of course as that allows us to improve upon our service level.


We enjoy offering a number of brand named coffees including regional roasters to meet the distinct coffee drinking experience of each organization. We offer 100% Arabica gourmet and specialty whole bean and ground coffee products which happens to be the most highly consumed and growing area of coffee consumption in the market today.


The gourmet coffee experience in the business environment is usually configured and is a specialized program to meet the needs of employees and patrons alike.   We would enjoy working with your organization to customize your respective coffee bar experience to meet the taste profiles of your organization’s unique coffee drinking culture.


Our coffee systems are cleaned on every scheduled delivery. By the way, our whole bean single cup brewing systems are integrated with an intelligent brewer rinse cycle feature that can be performed by anyone with the touch of an icon.


We are a Preferred Starbucks Coffee Provider including Seattle’s Best™ and Tazo Tea™ products. We also distribute other well known brands including Peet’s Coffee™ and Gavina™.


We offer a variety of premium Arabic whole bean roasts for your coffee drinking enjoyment.  Using our Starbucks Interactive Cup and Single Cup Brewing systems, you can properly grind and pulse brew your coffee at 195 to 205F to create a fresh rich tasting cup of coffee at the touch of a button.


Did you know that a single cup of coffee contains the following Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA):
Magnesium and Niacin (B3) – 2%
Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) – 11%
Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5) – 6%
Manganese and Potassium – 3%

Perfect your custom coffee bar experience with our coffee, tea, innovative brewing equipment and most importantly personalized service from San Diego Coffee Co.  Please contact San Diego Coffee Company at (858) 405-5749 and email me at