Gourmet coffee and tea brands that will invigorate your office coffee experience.

Coffee and Tea Brands People Know

Office Coffee Service in San Diego

Start your day with the best coffee brands in the world: Starbucks, Seattle’s Best®, Peet’s™, Green Mountain™, and many local brands recognized in San Diego. The rich aroma of slow roasted beans heated to their peak flavor will warm the whole room and office space. Your office will be running like a well-oiled coffee bean machine. Have fine coffees and teas delivered straight to you.

Office Coffee Service in San Diego

Did you know:
Did you know that the average height of a coffee tree is 6 feet tall? Do you know why? Because ripe coffee cherries are hand-picked and a 6-foot tree enables the person picking the cherries to reach the top of the tree. Coffee trees yield approximately 1 to 1.5Lbs of coffee beans per harvest and a single coffee cherry contains two coffee beans!

Coffee Roast Option

Aromas that excite the palate.  Flavors that alert your senses. A coffee offering that peaks the imagination.

Select your whole bean coffees from our wide geographic variety of single origin coffees from Central and South America, East Africa, or Southeast Asia. Taste the distinct flavor profile that each coffee imparts on your palate from these Single Origin coffee beans with roasting options from light, to medium or to the full bodied dark roasts.   Our Espresso Roast is rich and full-bodied.  In fact, in some parts of the world the words “coffee’ and “espresso’ are synonymous.  The following roasts are available some of which are multi-region.

  • Colombia Excelso
  • Colombia Supremo
  • Costa Rica Dark
  • Double French Roast
  • Espresso Continental
  • Ethiopian Sidamo
  • Guatemalan Roast
  • Indonesian Roast
  • Italian Roast
  • Kenya Dark Roast
  • Mexican Shade Grown
  • Mexico Dark Organic
  • Mexico Mocha Java
  • Northwest Blend Dark
  • Organic Guatemala
  • Organic Espresso Roast
  • Sumatra Dark Roast

*Other Whole Bean Arabica Coffee Varietals are available.


We currently service Automotive Sales and Service Markets, Hospitality Industry, Biotechnology, Pharma and Medical Research Industries, Restaurants, Professional Services Industries and Executive Office Sites, High Rise Buildings among many others throughout San Diego and Orange County.


You start with a well-oiled coffee bean but then there is a need for a great brewer. Find just the right brewer for your workplace: Single serve brewers, airpot brewers, pod brewers and whole bean to cup coffee brewing systems are available to you and your organization.


Offering great tasting coffee at work is a must. It increases productivity and inspires ideas. That’s why San Diego Coffee Co does all we can to ensure our equipment brews the best tasting coffee possible.

Create your perfect hot beverage service from trusted brands

Authorized Starbucks™ Distributor

As an Authorized Starbucks office coffee provider for the Starbucks Coffee Company we can offer your workplace a true coffeehouse experience. Enjoy coffee made with the highest quality beans in a variety of roast profiles and blends. Exceptional flavor is drawn from the coffee using state-of-the-art brewing equipment from San Diego Coffee Company maintained and cleaned to the highest standards to ensure a great tasting coffee beverage each and every serving.

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Perfect your custom coffee bar experience with our coffee, tea, innovative brewing equipment and most importantly personalized service from San Diego Coffee Co.  Please contact San Diego Coffee Company at (858) 405-5749 and email me at bill@sandiegocoffeeco.com.